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Cornerstone Marketing Inc. works with clients all over the North America and across the globe. Frequently client conversations turn to Maine, and usually, “why Maine?”  Here’s a little insight. Maine is beautiful and diverse, with a unique quality of life. If you’ve never seen the Maine coast, it’s worth the trip. Mile after mile of cold blue ocean and rocky shores, islands dotted with windblown homes and old-growth pine, sandy beaches and dunes. We have whales, seals, cranes, osprey, and of course, gulls, not to mention lots of bear, deer, moose, and foxes.

Two hours North of Portland is some of the best alpine skiing in the East, at both Sugarloaf and Saddleback. Portland is a beautiful seaside city with a revitalized section of Portland known as The Old Port, comprising cobblestone streets, restaurants, businesses, and a thriving art community. The regulars will tell you that the beer at Gritty McDuff’s downtown pub might be enough to lure people to Portland! Thanks to high marks in five key quality of life metrics, named Portland as it’s top pick for 2009 list of America’s Most Livable Cities. The city is also home to the Portland Symphony Orchestra, The Portland Museum of Fine Arts, and Minor League baseball team to the 2004, 2007 and 2013 World Champion Boston Red Sox- The Portland Seadogs. 

The state is peopled with artists, craftsmen, fishermen, and other professionals in industries ranging from bio-tech, insurance, financial services, tourism, and of course, direct response! If you visit Maine, you’ll find that most residents consider it a privilege to live here, and yes, even in winter. We are a good-natured, hard working, honest bunch, and are always looking for people with similar values to structure long term relationships. We invite and welcome you to visit us and Maine any time.

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