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Case Studies


Case Study #1

Client A came to Cornerstone because they were experiencing a low conversion rate on their incoming calls for their direct response campaign. They were generating a significant number of calls through both radio and television, but could not convert enough of those callers to customers and take the campaign from losing money to profitable. Cornerstone implemented a special premium offer that would enable customers to get free shipping on their initial order, as well as get free shipping on all future continuity shipments. Cornerstone’s scripting team creatively wove this offer into the front end advertising and sales script which helped increase the conversion rate by nearly 20%.

Case Study #2

Client B worked with Cornerstone to help develop and create an upsell program that would help monetize an existing database of customers, as well as generate additional revenue per order on current campaigns. The programs recommended by Cornerstone were successfully implemented and increased the average sale amount by more than $8.50 per order. The programs generate in excess of $1,000,000.00 in additional annual revenue for the Client, which are used to significantly reduce overall telemarketing expenses and to reinvest in media.

Case Study #3

Client C had an issue that is common to direct response marketers: generating a high percentage of inbound calls that do not result in a sale. While their own internal call center was very effective at closing enough sales to make the campaign profitable, they were searching for a way to monetize their “non-buyer” inquiries. Cornerstone presented them an opportunity to remarket to those non buyers and through some proprietary scripting and marketing techniques was able to generate additional sales from 8% of those leads. These were lost revenue opportunities for which the Client had already incurred the media and telemarketing expense, so was truly found money and generated tens of thousands of dollars a month for this Client.

Note: Cornerstone respects the confidentiality of its
clients’ business and does not reveal the names of its clients.

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