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Cornerstone Marketing was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Portland, Maine. Our Senior Management has over 30 years experience in direct response marketing, campaign management and revenue enhancement. Additional profit generated for our clients leads to expanded roll out and increases in media spending

Jennifer K. McBrierty

Prior to joining Cornerstone Marketing in 1999, Jennifer served as Director of Business Development and Marketing for Talk America, where she negotiated and secured multi-million dollar licensing and vendor contracts and successfully built relationships with high-profile clients.  Jennifer has been involved in numerous direct response campaigns that have generated in excess of $75 million dollars, as well as written sales scripts successfully utilized by hundreds of call centers throughout the United States and Canada that have increased conversion rates and profitability. At Cornerstone, Jennifer focuses on new business development, strategic alliances, vendor and product development and the implementation of those programs within Cornerstone’s client base.

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